AT-43 Future Combat test lists

It has been a quiet few days here at the house and so I took a few minutes to use the army lists in the Future Combat rules to build two forces using my recently acquired AT-43 figures. The Red Blok are clearly meant to be built using the Mid-tech list (it has pictures of them throughout it). The UNA troops don’t look as if they have heavy armour but based on the stats the 4+ save of the MCS Infantry Squad from the High-tech list works well.

I added Medics to all of the infantry units and the Red Blok units have an additional heavy weapon. That still makes the UNA infantry slightly more expensive. Where the lists really depart is when I try to make a unit of Steel Tacarms. The Laser weapons for the models (two each) are very expensive and don’t really fit the specs for the Lasergun that the Tacarms carry. The six Laser Assault Weapons are 300pts for a unit that is only 352 points on its own. There are some laser cannon weapons but they are very powerful, very long range and even more expensive.

I am attempting to get some feedback from the Lead Adventure forum about some proposed stats for a Lasergun. I am suggesting

U/T: 1 Range 24″ Damage: D10+2 Features: Laser, Save/-1

which I think should be about 35 points making the Tacarm unit.

So the two lists I currently have, both about 1600pts, are:

UNA 1602

  • HQ: 210
  • Steel Troopers: 415
  • Steel Troopers: 415
  • Steel Tacarms: 562

Red Blok 1620

  • HQ: 165
  • Krasny Soldaty: 335
  • Krasny Soldaty: 335
  • Dragonov Kommandos: 230
  • Kolossus: 350
  • Navoklovny: 205

So there are a lot more Red Blok but the UNA have far better weapons. Should be a good fight :-)