Deadzone progress

After a bit of work I have the Enforcer and Plague starters from the Deadzone game assembled. The Plague were relatively easy to assemble but the Enforcers had some issues. The model with the missile launcher had a round plug that was much larger than the insert in the base. I had to carve parts of it out to get it to settle into the base. Most of the Enforcer models were fine except for the Heavy Wepon trooper. I couldn’t get his arms to fit at all and had to do some serious fiddling with him to get him assembled. I tend to dislike models that have weapons and arms separated. I never have luck with them and find them fiddly as hell.

While none of the models have been as bad for mould lines as some of the Dreadball figures, especially the Robot team, I did have to spend a fairly significant amount of time working on removing them. And given the material, its not really as if I am satisfied with the end product and may still need to clean them up some more.

I had previously primed all of the terrain sprues and I did a quick wash on one side of the light grey sprues. Once they are dry I will wash the other side and then do a quick drybrush to add some texture to them. There may be some more steps involved as I have no idea how these will look but I suspect that one I get this bunch done I will have a good idea of the process involved and will be able to finish the rest of the terrain.