The internet is my enemy

I am not known for my ability to stick to a project. I suspect that amongst my friends I am probably the butt of quite a few jokes.

When I was writing for TGN this was a particularly bad problem. Not only did I get news sent to me about new minis and games but I quite often talked to the developers and manufacturers. Only the fact that I had little free time stopped me from assembling an even more massive pile of figures and games than I did.

I thought that perhaps the lack of the constant bombardment of new products would help me focus more but that clearly isn’t the case. The internet still provides an abundance of news about new goodies and this has become even more the case since I started hanging out at the Lead Adventure forum again.

If you are not aware of if, LA is a forum that, at least initially, focuses on 1920’s Interwar gaming themes such as Pulp, Back of Beyond etc. It has, since its inception, expanded greatly from that and you can find posts about almost any gaming genre there. Uncle Mike and the folks from Strange Aeons are there, Agis and his WWII and sci-fi rules are discussed there and one can also find games like In Her Majesty’s Name discussed on the forum.

This is, of course, my latest infatuation.

Maybe I should just stay offline?