Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten Universität Week 1

One of the other games that I am in the process of getting ready to play is the Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten expansion that Uncle Mike’s Worldwide released as part of their Strange Aeons game system. The VuK game is a stand-alone product that contains all of the core rules from Strange Aeons as well as the rules and scenarios you need to play cult on cult battles as your group of desperate deviants attempt to curry favour from your particular deity at the expense of locals and other cultists.

As part of my process of getting into the game I will be building two cults and then using them in some demo games here locally as well as in some games with the local Strange Aeons crowd. One benefit of living in the same city as the author is that you can always find an opponent.

I will be using my blog to post weekly updates on the game as well as my progress in getting my cults together and the games I manage to play. This is a bit of a learning experience for me and hopefully for anyone reading these posts and so I’ve decided to title them the “Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten Universität” or VuK U for short.

The rulebook is currently only available as a PDF from the Strange Aeons online store. While it is self-contained you can also use the additional creatures, skills and equipment from the other Strange Aeons expansions in your games.

Aside from some minis and terrain though all you need is contained in the digital pages of the rulebook and once you have grabbed a copy you will be ready to go.

The name Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten comes from a fictional book mentioned first in a series of R.E. Howard stories.

From wikipedia

The text contains information on cults that worship pre-human deities such as Ghatanothoa and includes hieroglyphs relating to the latter. There is also information on more recent cults including that of Bran, The Dark Man. It is from this work that the tale of the doomed heretic T’yog is most commonly sourced. The principal obscurity of the book is von Juntz’s use of the word keys—”a phrase used many times by him, in various relations”—in connection with certain items and locations, such as the Black Stone and the Temple of the Toad (possibly associated with Tsathoggua) in Honduras.

The rules include details of six cults:

  • Arcane Seekers
  • Cult de Ghouls
  • Dagonites
  • Death Cult
  • Dunwich Folk
  • Serpent Worshippers

Of the available cults the two that really speak to me are the Dagonite and Ghoul cults. The Dagonites because they seem to me to be the definition of Lovecraftian horror and the Ghouls because it gives me an excuse to paint the wonderful Paul Muller Ghouls available from Heresy Miniatures.

My tentative cult forces are



  • Fishman Demagogue


  • 3 x Cultists
  • 4 x Hybrids
  • Fishman

That comes to 32 points and I will keep the other eight points for equipment



  • Ghoul King


  • 3 x Ghouls
  • 2 x Degenerates


  • 3 x Cultists
  • 2 x Wild Dog

That comes to 36 points and I will keep the other four points for equipment

I have all of the miniatures with the exception of the Wild Dogs. I don’t have anything selected just yet and I hope to find something this week.

The miniatures for the Dagonite cult are on the table and I will be getting those prepped for painting and filling out the cult with some equipment in the next post.