Krosmaster gaming

So I recently picked up someone’s Kickstarter package of the base Krosmaster game. When the original Kickstart came out the game was priced a bit out of my means and so I passed on it. It was a bit of a disappointment as I really liked the look of the figures and the game boards and the game itself looked quite good.

So when I got an opportunity to pick this lot up I jumped at it even though the trade was quite a bit lopsided. The game arrived quite quickly and I worked through the tutorials and was looking forward to getting in some games. Luckily there was a board game meetup at Ken’s and Richard brought out his Krosmaster set. We managed to get in two games and I actually won the first.

Richard picked up the resin terrain and doll/bomb sets and it really makes the game look better. I am going to look into picking them up as they are well worth adding to the game.

Game 1

Game 1

In the first game I was using Jems Blond, Makum Bah, Fern Sock’em and Kassius Kaos. Brandon and Richard, Brandon was learning the game, were playing Fraktor, Victor Don Voom, Boo Ming and Di Curey. Not only was this the first game of the evening but it was also the first full game I played. I grabbed the figures almost at random so they weren’t as effective a team.

Jems was very good and keeping him in the game and with targets was my main aim. Makum Bah and her Sacrificial Seeds were fun to play. A combination of Jems, the Puff spell form Kassius and the Sacrificial Seeds was enough to take out Fraktor and by that point Richard and Brandon were down enough GG to give me the win.

Game 2

Game 2

Game 2 was just against Richard and he took all four of the elemental Knights and I took Ally McZeal, the King of the Gomballs and Remington Smisse.

Remington was a lot of fun. His armour piercing spell and ability to heal himself by injuring other models kept him in the game despite being the target of a lot of spells. I took out the Cloud Knight early on and then lost the King by not being able to keep his damage down. Richard focused on him and he crumbled quickly.

Richard surrounded me with his remaining Knights and the game devolved into a bit of a slug match until I tossed out two fire bombs and made Richard scramble. As we split up he then focused on Ally and took her down for the win.

The game is really quite interesting. It plays quite quickly, the core rules are very easy to understand and it really rewards careful team building. Unlike a lot of games the models don’t have abilities that provide exceptions to the rules or change them but just add attacks or buffs. The combination of range, attack direction limitations, AP costs, number of uses, damage and spell elemental power mean that there are a huge number of possible combinations available for the developers.

The game looks exceptional and force building doesn’t appear to be as complex as it is for other games. So you get a very visually appealing game that doesn’t require any painting but also gives you a deeper game experience than other pre-painted tactical board games.

I am most definitely playing Krosmaster again and will be expanding the selection of models I have. Ricahrd wants to get in some more games so I will be attempting to build a force from my minis to use.