The Dagonite painting begins

Today began the process of starting to paint my Dagonite cult for Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten. I had previously primed the figures and today I created a “fish” tone paint to use for the skin and scales.

I wanted a light green blue colour to act as the base for the Fishmen and Hybrid skin and also to use as a base colour for the cloaks for the Cultists. I had an empty Devlin Mud bottle that I cleaned out and then mixed a colour to use. I used a mixture of PP Arcane Blue, PP White and a GW medium Green.


I was highly unscientific and I will not be able to match this again :-) You can see two of the Cultists in the background ready for some colour.

I like the resulting colour though.

Scale Colour

I used the scale colour for the Hybrid skin but added a bit of Vallejo Dark Skintone to it to cut it slightly and make it slightly different from the Fishmen skintone.

I also used it for the Cultist cloaks and added some brown ink to give it a slightly different tone.

Cult Painting

I have no idea what to do with the Deep One, lovingly named Mr. Zero, so I am starting his paint scheme out by giving him a wash of Secret Weapon Dried Blood. I am then going to glaze the armour with some inks to deepen the colour. I will then paint in the tentacles and some of the small tips of the armour.

I hope it works. :-)