Dynamic Ironmen v Darkstar Cowboys

Game StartJames popped over to my place this evening for us to get our Round 1 game finished. My indomotable Ironmen faced off against his drug addled horde.

Things started off well with me getting early possession of the ball and setting up a small defensive line to protect my striker. Sadly James was able to barge in and knock him down which set up several turns of James and I getting and then losing possession. It is really quite amazing how much a difference small stat changes make in this game. My move 4 Forge Fathers have to set up possession attempts two turns in advance unless the ball falls close and have a heck of a time trying to dodge, evade or stop people stripping the ball from them. But their 3+ Strength means that often they have as good odds in slambacks as my opponent does in their Slam. Its one of the things that I quite like about the game and it makes the teams quite a bit different.

I managed to finally pull off a two point strike in my second to last turn and then actually get possession from James in my last one. Unfortunately he stripped the ball away from my Jack and scored a three point strike in his final turn to win the game 1-0.

Clearly my team can’t hold on the the ball and I am really happy that there aren’t any Veer-myn teams in the league as I suspect that I would have a heck of a time against them.

Game highlights
My guard Bjorg killed one of James’ Jacks (you have a habit of doing that when you roll eight successes) and also put a striker in the bin for three turns to manage to go up a rank. He rolled Steady and then picked Can’t Feel a Thing.

James’ striker failed to throw an accurate pass and then had the ball bounce twice to flop back into the same player’s hand. Didn’t lose the ball so the Rush went one.

I had three fan checks and all three of them resulted in Events. As a result James got MotM with only three fan points.

Another fun Dreadball game. Even more fun considering how well painted James’ team was. He did an exceptional job on his figures as always.

Looking forward to my round 2 game against Lair’s Judewan.

Defensive Line
James’ Defensive Line

Guarding The Ball
Forge Fathers guarding the ball

Guard standoff