Back at painting

After a few days break due to some painful joints I was back at the painting table tonight trying to get some more work done on my Dagonite cult and Plague figures.

Originally my intention was to do the plague skin by applying a straight wash of Baby Poo brown from Secret Weapon. For whatever reason I wasn’t getting the coverage with the wash that I wanted so I have gone back and applied the Vallejo Basic Skintone to the skin areas. Once that is dry I will do a wash and then highlight from there.

While I had the skintone paint out I did the skin on the human cultists for my Dagonite cult and then used some Black Grey to do all the weapons for the cult and the Plague troopers.

I still have no idea what I am going to do with the larger plague models. I might just do an entire basecoat of the basic skintone and a wash and then highlight the bone plating.

I also started doing the tentacles on the Deep One. I’m even more impressed with the sculpt after painting it as it appears that the monster is nothing but tentacles under his carapace and armour. Very creepy :-)