Cosmic Boom v. Dynamic Ironmen

Lair was kind enough to come over and play our second round game in our local Dreadball League.

The game ended with a five point advantage to Lair but that was really only due to him missing an easy three point Strike early in the game and then having his players decide that they were Asterians and drop to the floor whenever they tried to dodge. At one point he had two players down in my three point Strike zone.


That isn’t something you see often. Especially since those Judewan fell trying to Evade from my Jack.

It could have easily been another Landslide win for Lair. My performance wasn’t helped by my utter inability to knock down his players. I only knocked down two of his strikers the entire game and one of them was for a single turn.

Inpenetrable Judewan

The Striker on the far edge of the field kept my Guard at bay for three Rushes. I don’t want to blame my dice but even with a Jack assisting I wasn’t able to knock Lair’s Striker down.

I tried a modified defence that left one of my initial two Guards in front of the three point strike zone. I assumed that Lair would be running at speed towards that direction soon so it would help to get a player in there.

Second Rush

I think I could have scored a first turn two-point Strike except for my utter inability to knock down his guards. I pushed one player back twice and was sadly unable to clear the zone for my Striker.

Well hopefully I will have better luck against Rob’s Void Siren in round 3

Once again it was as easy to steal the ball from my players as it was to steal candy from a sleeping and not very strong baby but I scored a moral victory point for beating Lair’s Striker in his first Feint attempt. Doubling a Judewan when they try to misdirect you is pretty good when you need 5+ for a success.

Sadly I didn’t get that sort of success when trying to Slam any of his Strikers.