Building figures for Bolt Action

I have been quite stiff and sore for the past two weeks so I haven’t really been able to paint that much. What I have been able to do is assemble some miniatures. I recently did a trade for a decent number of Warlord Games 28mm plastic Soviet troops and a T-34. In addition I already had a set of figures from The Plastic Soldier Company so this new addition has given me more than enough infantry figures to game with.

So given that I have been incapable of painting I took some time to assemble some of the figures I had. The trade consisted of two boxes of the Warlord Games Soviets and one of the boxes was already assembled. I just sorted them into units and then put together an LMG Rifle Squad using the Plastic Soldier Company figures.

The Warlord infantry models don’t have a base on them and the Plastic Soldier Company figures do so I actually trimmed the integral base from those figures and then glued them to some 25mm GW bases. I would have preferred to use some Renedra bases but they haven’t arrived yet and the assembled figures were done with GW bases.

So I now have about 45 plastic Soviet infantry, a metal Heavy Mortar, a metal Maxim team, plastic infantry and AT guns, a T-34 and some metal officer figures. I can easily do a 1000pt Soviet list and I still have some support teams and infantry figures to assemble.

Next up is sanding the bases and then trying to find a Khaki Grey spray primer to use to do the infantry with.