Dreadball Exhibition match

Rick, Rob and I were all at Sentry Box last night for some Dreadball fun. Rick and I were supposed to be playing IHMN but Rick grabbed the wrong miniature case. Must be the signs of some form of age-related senility creeping in.

While we were waiting for Rob to finish playing some odd, niche, game that involved far too many miniatures (Warmachine I think he called it :-) Rick and I played an exhibition game as part of our Dreadball league.


I was the visiting team so I set up a bit defensively. I started with 2 Guards on the field and left one near my three point strike zone to ward off any early rushes.

Rick had an underdog bonus and so rolled and got a Forge Father guard for a Free Agent. Rick joked that he was drunk and played for the wrong team but given how quickly he took out two of my players for 3 turn injuries I suspect he was playing for the correct team and had a serious grudge that he was working out.

Not a good first rush

My game wasn’t helped along by two instances of my strikers being unable to pick up the ball or being reduced to four players after Rick’s mercenary Forge Father Guard was finishing smashing my team into a pulp.

Four off

The only consolation is that he didn’t get any skill points for those injuries and that I was able to keep the game from being a Landslide for Rick. I think one of my problems is that I don’t spread my team out enough to try to cover more of the pitch. I’ve been making it easier for some of the faster teams to rush around me.


I also suspect that I need to try to focus a bit more on trying to take out some of my opponents key players so perhaps leaving a Striker on the bench and putting out a third Guard for the first part of the game and then trying to “level” the playing field a bit by taking out some Strikers.

I remain without a win so far, even in this so called “friendly” game. Oddly I have been having a lot of fun even with my lack of winning. Sign of a good game I suspect.