Priming Soviets

Its a somewhat warm day today (above zero at least) so I have 64 28mm Soviet figures in the garage getting primed. The primer will also be the basecoat so I can get some of these figures painted in something approaching a realistic timeframe. I am using one of the Battlefront khaki primers. It isn’t exactly the khaki grey that I need for the Soviet Summer uniforms but it is close enough and I will be applying some khaki grey highlights to get the colour onto the figures.

Once the primer hits the figures the difference is detail between the Warlord Soviet figures and the ones from The Plastic Soldier Company really becomes noticeable. The detail on the PSC figures is quite a lot softer. Not so much that I would swap them out but I am going to try to inter-mingle the models a bit to see if that makes the PSC figs stand out less.

Oddly the gun crews have more detail on them. Not sure why.