IHMN first impressions

Rick and I met up at Sentry Box this evening to play an introductory game of In Her Majesty’s Name, the VSF skirmish ruleset produced by Osprey.

Neither of us had any figures to match the official companies so we both took a few minutes to stat out some of the figures that Rick had brought with him. I ended up with a set of high tech fighters with gun and an Ape with a machine gun while Rick focused on creating a set of Japanese martial artists.

We both had 5 figures each and were playing at about 185pts for the game. This lead, I think, to a fairly lacklustre game as we were fairly evenly matched and had mostly Pluck 4+ and lower figures on the table. This isn’t a problem with the system itself but really with the companies we created. Basically we had a leader and some very good characters but no grunts. The main effect of this is that we really were never able to Mob Up or Volley Fire so getting hits was difficult.

Putting together the company was actually quite easy and a fair bit of fun. It was a lot easier than I thought to create stats and kit out the units to match the models. The game comes with rules to determine the point cost of figures, weapons and armour and even Mystic Powers if you so desire.

The game itself is fairly straightforward and the rules are quite easy to remember. I don’t think we had to check the rulebook at all for anything other than the exceptional items such as grenades, and firing into combat.

The game does seem to want to have a larger number of figures available which isn’t a problem and it also seems to require a few grunts to help boost the effectiveness of some of your minor characters and leaders.

So its back to have another read through the rulebook and then plunder my figure collection to see if I can come up with some miniatures that will work as suitable grunts for another game.



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