More assembly

My joints have been really bugging me of late so I haven’t been doing any painting. As odd as it might seem, painting is the worst thing for my joints so if I have any residual joint pain I tend to avoid painting. You can’t spell “paint” without “pain” :-) Thankfully I have a lot of figures to assemble and get ready for when I can paint so that is what I did today.

One of the tasks that I have been working on is assembling the figures from the Super Dungeon Explore core game. The twins are going to be helping me paint them and I finally got the last of them cleaned and assembled. The girls helped assemble the two Ogre figures and were quite pleased with themselves.

After that was done I did the figures for my first company to use with the In Her Majesty’s Name VSF rules. I cleaned up the figures for that and got them ready. Photos to come after I finish the conversion on one of the minis. I still need some command figures for the French troops and I suspect that I will be ordering one of the French Command packs from Artizan to fill that roll. I have been having a lot of fun playing with Google Translate to come up with Victorian sounding French terms like Serviteur Autonome Électrique and Accessoire Portatif Électrique.

I am going to start writing some of the background for the company and then post it here.

And finally I put together some 15mm US Airborne troops for Flames of War. Ostensibly for FoW but I suspect that once I get my hands on a copy of the Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich rules I will switch to that. I put together two stands of an Airborne artillery platoon as well as two US artillery command sets. For some odd reason in FoW the Airborne need to have a full command formation for something as small as two guns.

So all of that is done and assembled and ready to get sanded and then primed. Once I get some better days with my joints I will work on finishing the 28mm Soviet infantry that is on my painting table and also work on getting the T-34 primed and painted as well.