Etherian Horde v. Dynamic Ironmen

Round 4 of our local Dreadball League continued today with my away game against Charles’ Robot team. Charles came into the game with 2 wins and a landslide and I my three loss streak. My game plan against Charles’ team was to try to take advantage of his lack of numbers and remove some players from the field and then try to put a few strikes in.

Sadly the game went according to plan but it went according to both of our plans. I managed to end the game with only one of Charles’ robots on the field but he also won the game by 2 points. Once again I really had a problem trying to retain control of the ball. I managed to keep the field clear for my Strikers but once they got the ball they were knocked down and lost the ball.

End Game

Charles managed an early two point strike but the rest of the game was spent with both of us fighting for control of the ball and both knocking the heck out of each others players. The difference being that mine were able to roll some ridiculous Dodge rolls (4 times I make 3 successes needing a 5+) and his were not able to make equally ridiculous armour saves to stay on the field.

Speaking of ridiculous rolls…


Its never fun to have to make 4 armour saves when you roll four success on a Dodge roll. IIRC this is the roll I made when I killed his Striker.

At least this game I managed to pick the ball up when I attempted to unlike my last two outings that were more reminiscent of kids trying to grab a greased pig than supposed professionals attempting to pick up a ball.

One of my Guards ranked up but I am still left with a set of Jacks and Strikers that have little experience and only a single skill.