Institut pour la recherche et l’exploitation des technologies inconnues

So I finished assembling the figures I had on hand for my In Her Majesty’s Name company. The Institut pour la recherche et l’exploitation des technologies inconnues (Institute for the Search and Retreival of Unknown Technologies) will have a very high-tech focus backed up by elite French Chauseurs.

Institut pour la recherche et l'exploitation des technologies inconnues

The Chauseurs are Renegade WWI French soldiers. They are probably not accurate for the period but I liked the models and the faux gas masks that they are wearing. One of the models has had his shoulder slung rifle replaced with an Arc weapon. There is an officer model that I ordered from North Star that will be added to the unit as well to provide additional leadership for the Chauseurs.

The rest of the figures are from Reaper’s Chronoscope range. I don’t have any names for the characters yet and I will work on that and their backgrounds soon. First I want to develop some point costs for the models and then work out some of their background and names.

Hopefully I will be able to get a better photo of them in the next little while.