IHMN in Numbers

One of the things that I realised from our first test game of In Her Majesty’s Name was that I had mad some mistakes adding up the cost of my company. Not difficult to do really but I figured that if I was going to play the game some more that I might want to make sure that I was able to accurately total up my company.

Now normally one might do this in Excel or Access (do they even make Access any more?) but since I am on my Mac I decided to use Numbers, the Apple spreadsheet app, to create it. I could have used Google Docs or Open Office to do it but both of those have exceptionally crappy UIs and they create really ugly looking documents.

So the first step was to create a table to allow me to input the various stats, skills, powers and equipment for a character

 Character table

This was easily done using some secondary tables, the VLOOKUP function and some merged cells. I tested it against some of the characters in the IHMN rulebook and it seemed to work. In fact it also found one of the mistaken character costs that was in the errata so I knew that I was doing okay.

Since this is numbers it lets me create a distinct table for each character and put them in a sheet for each company


This is handy since it lets me create template tables for regular characters and characters with Mystic Powers but it also means that I don’t have a handy printable sheet for the company. I did a bit of work in Applescript and came up with a script to read through all the tables in a company sheet and then create a printable summary sheet of the company for use in a game.


So I still have some work to do to make the script work with multiple companies in the same spreadsheet but it currently works well enough for me at the moment.