15mm Wehrmacht basing

I’ve been thinking about how to base 15mm figures for Battlegroup. I have some 15mm US Airborne based using Flames of War bases and they look good but they are not really well suited for Battlegroup unless you want to have dice tracking wounds. This isn’t onerous but I was hoping to find a better solution.

I have a large number of Renedra plastic bases for my 28mm WWII figs and so I tested out some basing options. They don’t look too bad with two 15mm figures per base but a single mini looks a little lonely.


So a five man squad is built from two two-man bases and a single man base. The three-man MG squad is also built from a dedicated two-man MG base and a single riflemen on its own.


So easier to move than individually based miniatures but easier to remove casualties without having to resort to using dice to track wounds.

Three figures most definitely don’t fit on a 25mm round base though, so I have tested two teams on a medium FoW base.

MG team

A medium/heavy MG team and

Mortar team

and 81mm mortar team. They don’t look too bad and they stand out nicely from the other troops. Still, I might pick up some 40mm bases to maintain the round look and also have less space on the base for a three figure team. Mind you, it does make it easier to line up a three figure loader team using the FoW rectangular bases.

So that is most of the models that I need for a FotR German army of Volksgrenadiers. I think I may need a few more comm teams but I should be set for Wehrmacht troops to use against my US Airborne.