Dynamix Ironmen v. Humanos Megacorp

Rick came over today and we sat down and played our Round 5 game for the local Dreadball League. Prior to the beginning of the match both teams were quite evenly matched with only a single point of team value difference. Despite that Rick has a much better record than me. Rounds 1-4 saw me without a win and my redeeming point was the lack of a landslide loss. Sadly that record wouldn’t survive the evening.


The game started off well enough with me killing one of Rick’s Guards in the first rush. I pushed my Striker forward to grab the ball and then set up a line of players to hold off Rick’s team.

End Rush1

Rick wasn’t able to get in to attempt a Slam on my Striker and so I slipped in on the 3rd Rush and scored a quick 2 point Strike.

Sadly Rick made a quick 2 point Strike of his own to level the score and then used his coaching dice to get a Jack to catch the ball after I launched it for Rush 5. Given the speed of my players and their forward position I spent the rush trying to position myself to stop his inevitable strike.

Rush 6

Rick moved in to make another two point strike but attempted to pass the ball from his Jack to a Striker. Despite it being a 1 hex pass he missed and the ball scattered further into my end. Sadly I wasn’t able to pick it up and Rick grabbed the ball to score a 4 point Strike on Rush 8.

During my next possession I was well placed to try to get a 4 point Strike and even the score up when Rick played a Running Interference card to Slam by Striker from behind and make him fumble the ball. He also injured him for three rushes as well… putting me a Striker down for the rest of the game.

Rick grabbed the ball and moved it down to my end and in my last Rush I was left with no real options other than trying to get some experience. This resulted in two more of Rick’s players being killed for a total of three for the game. Sadly my luck was at its usual level and despite the three kills I pulled two event cards during my Fan Checks and has a pathetic total of fan points for the game.

Rick ran in on his last Rush and scored a 3 point Strike to give him the Landslide.

So despite being well and truly beaten on the field I managed to tear Rick’s team apart. So I lost but I won… well I got some more skills.

Yet another great Dreadball game and another frustrating game for my Forge Fathers who manage to score points but not stop the opposing team from putting points on the scoreboard.