The power of patience

Sinister Strike I have been playing a lot of Hearthstone lately. It feeds a CCG itch that I always have and it does it via my iPad and computer which makes it easy to get in games. It also seems to have a much better matchmaking algorithm than a lot of online multiplayer games in that I am still using the default cards that come with the free download but still having challenging matches that I can often win.

My most recent set of games have been with the Rogue as I ramp her up to Lvl 10 and get access to all her basic cards. In the last three games I have won using the Sinister Strike card. Sinister Strike is a 1 mana card that inflicts three damage to your opponent’s hero. It doesn’t seem like a critical card and I often see it, and similar cards, being used for early first or second round damage to an opponent.

I can’t recall where I read it but I part of the success of playing Hearthstone is in knowing when to play cards effectively and for the most benefit and shepherding your cards until they can be used to deliver the best result.

Three damage is not a lot and there are many ways, over the course of a game, where an opponent can mitigate that damage. If I do three damage to my opponent on my first turn they can either heal it or plan around that damage. By withholding the card I can surprise my opponent and do more damage than they expect I can. If my opponent is at 15 health and I have 12 damage capacity on my available Minions then Sinister Strike pushes my damage capacity to the point where I can win the game.

In all three games that I won, I pulled Sinister Strike in my initial hand and held on to it until my final turn to use it to defeat my opponent by pushing my damage capacity over their health limit and if I had played the card early I wouldn’t have been able to do it.