Rebasing 15mm figures

The big task this weekend was to rebase some Battlefront US Airborne figures to make them easier to use with the Battleground rules. Flames of War uses a slightly ahistorical squad size for their armies. The Airborne figures are based in two stand squads with four figures per base and an MG team on one of the bases. This makes for an eight model squad with no distinct MG team. Battleground has the US Airborne deployed in nine man squads with a 3 man MG team.

So in order to get the Battlefront plastic US Airborne figures to work I needed to create five and four man rifle teams and three man MG teams. This required me to cut figures from some of the teams and then glue them to other bases. Not really difficult work but it took some time.

I should still be able to use the figures for Flames of War because it really seems as if the issue isn’t the correct number of models on a base but that the base is identifiable as a squad of troops.

As part of the process I had to chip away some of the sand from the bases so I will need to go back and rebase them prior to painting.