Bolt Action action

Palmer and I met up at Sentry Box for another 500pt Bolt Action game. I brought out essentially the same force as our last game, as did Palmer, with the exception of substituting my mortar team for a flame-thrower team. We rolled the maximum Attrition scenario and set up the terrain to represent a small French village with a road running through it.

The table

My right flank was held by my IeIG18 team and a squad of riflemen with LMG. The centre was held by an MMG team on a hill and the flamethrower team and the left contained my second rifle squad and 1st Lt. The game was really highlighted by my troops inability to hit or make Order tests. Things started out well with my centrally located MMG team taking out Palmer’s .30 cal team but then started to fall apart. The flame-thrower team was unable to determine the range of their weapon missing Palmer’s Jeep by less than an inch.

So close

My rightmost rifle squad was pinned by fire and between me choosing to put it Down in response to fire and it failing Order tests due to the number of Pin markers on them it stayed in place for the game.

Right flank

HititMy IeIG18 rolled a 1 to hit on four consecutive occasions. Even with the Jeep armed with the .50 cal was sitting in the open it just loaded dud round after dud round. It didn’t have any impact for the entire game.

On the left, my infantry quickly got pinned in a ruined church and had to withdraw before getting cut down or assaulted. My troops kept retreating until they were packed into a small quarter of the map.

Despite my bad dice luck, I was actually ahead for most of the game. Palmer hadn’t managed to remove any of my units and my early attacks on his .30 cal team meant that in our “maximum” attrition game I was leading with a single VP.

Once turn 6 rolled around it was a tie. Sadly we rolled for another turn and Palmer was able to remove two more units and take the win. So it was, despite my rubbish dice rolling, another fun and fast game. We hardly looked at the rules at all and just focused on the game.

I have plans to put together some more terrain, including hedges and bocage, so we can fill the table a bit more and make for a more interesting table. We’re planning on moving to 750pts next time which will allow me to bring out my StuG III G


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  1. Yes I had a lot of fun as I did the last game. It will be interesting when we bring more units of different variety to the game. As I understand it though Bolt Action is built primarily around infantry but there are new releases for rules around tank battles coming. I will be getting more terrain as well to add to the mix or to add another table if others join in the fun. BTW my tanks and greyhound came in yesterday!

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