Change of painting schedule

So when I started on my 28mm painting extravaganza I started out painting a Soviet force based on the army choices made by some local players. Since then I have played almost exclusively against American forces and so my painting efforts were not leading to getting painted miniatures on the table.

So now that I have most of my WWII German force assembled and primed I will, grudgingly, putting my Soviets aside to start to paint some Germans. I would have liked to finish the Soviets up but I don’t have that sort of time available to me and the goal really is to get a painted force done.

So I will be working on getting a squad of 28mm Germans done and then I will start alternating 28mm and 15mm figures. Squads and teams for the 28mm figs and then formations of figures for use in Battlegroup.

Hopefully that will let me get some painted figures on the table.



  1. If you ever want to field your Russians it wont matter to me if it isn’t Axis verses Allies. As much as I enjoy the historical context in my opinion we should still be able play a game Russians verses Americans etc.

    1. Okay strike that comment ;) Guess I have seen too many Ultramarines verses Blood Angels battles to phase me at this point lol….

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