Dreadball figures completed

In between the 101 other hobby related things I am doing (my ability to focus on a single task is often limited) I managed to finish painting my Corporation Dreadball team, Ref and ball.


The team is done in Khaki Grey because… well because it was the paint I had on hand at the time. I eventually went for a rather subdued look for no other reason than I wanted to have something subtle looking on the board. Sadly perhaps the best part of the figures are the bases. Or at least the edging on the threat hex indicators.


Next team I do will probably involve me using a filler to fill the area in the clear hex where the model’s base sits and then paint it all black. I may also borrow Rob’s trick and leave the hex bases clear except for some paint on the underside to indicate the threat hexes.

I also quickly finished my Ref. I wasn’t intending to use blue as the primary colour but, again, that was what I had on the table so I went with it. The ref was quickly painted and highlighted as was the ball.


Not my best work but they are finished and ready for the table.