Bolt Action: Top Secret

Palmer and I met up at Sentry Box to play a 750pt Bolt Action game. I was hoping to have my StuG G at least primed and assembled for the game but was unable to get out to get some Dunkel Gelb primer. The Warlord StuG I picked up really needs to have the parts primed prior to any assembly so that meant the vehicle was AWOL for this game.

Instead I took some additional infantry, artillery observer, a spotter for my Medium Mortar team and a sniper. Palmer’s force was very similar to the last game with the addition of a Forward Air Observer, Light Mortar team and an armoured car.

Instead of the ruined French village terrain we used previously, I pulled out the farm terrain I had as well as the new hedge terrain pieces I picked up. It meant a bit more terrain on the table but not a lot more and certainly not as much as I would want for a larger game.



We rolled for the Top Secret mission and I happily had a painted German officer with briefcase that would serve as an excellent objective. I moved up the Church terrain piece so that we could place him behind cover but still in the middle of the table. The mission requires on player to grab the objective and then move it off their table edge. Any other result is a draw.

Top Secret objective

All forces start off the table and are required to advance or run onto the table using the Reserve rules. Palmer took the opportunity to bring on some of his forces to the right of the objective in the woods at the end of the road. I wasn’t intending to do this myself but with his forces there I ended up deploying more spread out than I would have normally. My intent was to focus my infantry on the Church and the small farm house to the right of it.

I did that but ended with my sniper, mortar and infantry gun being used to try to pin down Palmer’s troops on the right.

Turn 1

I ran one of my infantry squads as well as a smaller infantry team towards the church with my First Leut. accompanying them. The previous two games we play proved the value of having an officer nearby to help reduce the impact of pinning.

Over the course of the first turn Palmer managed to fail to bring on four team including his HQ, FAO and an infantry squad. Oddly my dice rolled well and I had all nine of my units on board. This probably wasn’t as bad as it seems as Palmer was, starting on turn two, able to bring those units on to respond to my actions and deployment.


Palmer was a lot more cautious with his deployment and advancing. I, on the other hand, went charging in at the objective and was able to start moving it out towards my table edge on turn three. My artillery observer was taken out on the second turn and between my infantry gun and sniper I was able to remove a bazooka team, the light mortar team and reduce one of his infantry squads to a reduced unit that was too pinned to move.


I had an infantry team set up in the small farm house to cover my troops and try to pin down Palmer’s infantry when they started to pursue but sadly his FAA destroyed that unit with a strafing run. My mortar team wasn’t really effective, even with the spotter, and then FUBARed a morale check and fled the table.


His armoured car and then a fighter-bomber run took out another infantry squad and I soon found myself without any way to actually move the objective off the table. While this was bad news for me, it wasn’t really good news for Palmer. I had moved the objective far enough away and reduced his closest infantry unit to the point where it couldn’t active and so while I wasn’t able to win either was Palmer. Palmer ripped my army to shreds but part of that was due to my having to flee into clear terrain to try to move the objective. His aircraft didn’t help me either.


This was our largest game yet and was perhaps the most interesting. The scenario had some added complications, we used some new units, we had a lot more terrain and we used some new rules as well. I want to work on some more terrain to help fill the table out and may add some more fields and fencing as well as some more trees or some other terrain.

Yet again another successful game.


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  1. Yes great game and write up Zac. It was really fun I am enjoying Bolt Action more and more as I play it. And the table was great to play on I really liked all the terrain you brought.

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