Smashing Dreadball victory

Charles and I met up for a sixth round game for our local Dreadball league. Due to a player having to leave due to some scheduling conflicts, I took over one of the Corporation teams and this was my first game using them. Prior to this game, Charles’ Robot team was undefeated and I, as the Forge Fathers, was winless.


This was also the first game with my painted Corporation team, painted Ref and painted ball.

The game started off well for me as I moved into start clearing Robots from the rightmost two-point Strike Zone. My first slam did phenomenally well and Charles’ armour save was phenomenally poor and my #9 Guard racked up his first kill of the league and sent a Robot to the scrap heap.

Charles came back for revenge and injured one of my Jacks for three rushes and then knocked down my Guard. This was a mistake on my part as the Guard in question had Steady and I just flat out forgot to apply it. That same Guard, who the previous rush was celebrating a kill, would stay down for a majority of the game.

Ball Lost

My second Rush was uneventful and in his second Rush Charles slammed my Striker, nabbed the ball and then missed a four point Strike. I answered by smashing the Jack with my #7 Guard and turning it to rubble. It was at this point that I was beginning to think that I might have a chance to win a game.

Charles’ next Rush involved trying to regroup and move forward to contain my players. In my Rush 7 I destroyed yet another of his Robots (#7 was on a tear) and then had an amazing play where Striker #1 failed to pick up the ball and then had it rebound off the wall, into his hands and with a good enough roll that he was able to run down field.

Ball Bounce

At this point Charles’ options were pretty slim. He had hardly any players on the table and so spent some time trying to injure my team. I scored a two point Strike, destroyed another Robot and then finished my set of Rushes off with a four point Strike to firmly cement the win.

Rush 12

In the aftermath I scored 13 MC in winnings and had two characters advance. My #7 Guard naturally went up a rank after going on a three-robot wrecking spree. I also did better with Rick’s team than I have yet to do so with my Forge Father team. My utterly insane rolls for Slams certainly helped but I was also able to move the team a lot quicker and respond to my opponents moves in a way that I am currently not able with the Forge Fathers.

I had a fun game. I suspect that Charles is less than happy with the result as it ripped apart a team that is very expensive to replace. This also makes the Corporation team the second highest Team Value in the league. We’ll see how well I do with the Forge Fathers when I play Brett and his Orx.