Dreadball Judwan double header

After taking over two Corporation teams for our league I had the pleasure of playing Lair twice (once with each time) yesterday evening at Trilogy Games. I played his Judwan team earlier in the League schedule with my Forge Fathers and while Lair did win it wasn’t a Landslide for his team. In fact that game was the only win in the League for him that wasn’t a Landslide.

Our first game, with the Dark Star Cowboys, was over in six rushes. When I had the ball, Lair stole it and scored and when he had the ball he scored. Needless to say, none of the Dark Star Cowboys had the opportunity to get any experience.

Since the first game was over in a little more time than it took to set up we decided to finish the round seven game between Lair’s Judwan and the Humanos Mega Corporation.

The game started off a little better with Lair failing to make a three point Strike in his first rush. I had packed my team with Jacks and Guards, including a free agent Forge Father Guard I picked up from being the underdog) so while I wasn’t able to get the ball immediately I did manage to hit one of his Strikers for eight success in a slam. Lair didn’t want his player to die so soon and used all of his coaching dice to attempt to save him. It worked and the Striker was only out for three Rushes instead.

Unable, or unwilling I suppose, to get the ball, Lair was able to grab it and finally make a three point strike on his next rush.

My plan was to try to cripple or kill most of his team in an attempt to stop him from being able to score and in Rush four I succeeded. Sadly it was with the Forge Father free agent, so no experience, but I did take down one Striker. Lair’s next rush ended with him failing a one point Strike attempt and I tried to move the ball forward at the same time as I attempted to clear out my three point Strike zone by killing another of his Strikers.

Lair then attempted to steal the ball (I had to move a player off and then bring a Striker on which has to be the first time I have ever done that in a game) but failed, for once, and the ball scattered. This still didn’t stop him from getting it again and scoring another three point strike.

I could have made the game a bit more competitive but in my next Rush I failed to make a Strike from the 1 pt bonus hex and thankfully Lair failed to pick up the ball the next turn. I again failed to make a Strike the next Rush and Lair was finally able to end the game with a single point Strike.

I have to say that I was really quite shocked by how easy it was for Lair to score. He had several players with 3+ Skill or Speed and it combined to make Lair’s player difficult to stop. Which I suspect is the point behind the team. I’ll have to get my own Judwan figures assembled and play some games against them at home to see what sort of tactics one requires to keep them from scoring.

Other than just slaughtering the entire team of course which seems rather poor sport considering they are all pacifists.