IHMN Institut figures painted

In what is almost akin to a miracle for me, I managed to paint all the figures for my In Her Majesty’s Name company.


Eleven figures in total with two automatons, my Professor, his mechanic sidekick, and a set of Chausseurs to protect them in the field. The Chausseurs have an officer to guide them and a heavy Arc weapon for added punch.

The matte sealant I use for my figures failed me this time. It not only came out with a slight gloss but it also darkened the figures slightly. Looks like I won’t be using Krylon any more as while the slight shade isn’t an issue the added sheen is. I hate glossy figures.

This is the first set of figures I have painted in over four years. So they don’t look all that great but its a first step back into painting.



  1. Nice work mate, now get the rest of your club guys to recruit companies! Like you I have started painting again and I was disappointed at how much my eyes are failing and my hand shaking, but the figures look ok from a distance if you squint! Yours are better!

    1. I find that squinting helps make mine look better as well.

      We do have some local players here but we are certainly always looking for more

    2. One of the things we deliberately built into IHMN was a full and open points system so that people could create their own companies just as Zac has done.
      One of the reasons for this was to allow people to rummage though their lead pile and make up a company with figures they already had.
      On the blog, in the Bonus Material section, is a guide to how to go about creating your own company (http://inhermajestysname.wordpress.com/additional-material/).

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