Bolt Action: Hold Until Relieved

As part of our demo day at Sentry Box we ran a 1000pt Bolt Action game with my Germans and Palmer’s Americans. This was the largest game we have run yet and had the widest number of units and vehicles that we’ve used.


We played Hold Until Relieved with Palmer attacking and my Germans defending. The Hotel in the centre of the table was the objective for the game. Palmer was attacking from the right (in the photo above) and had placed his three infantry units in the two rightmost farm houses and in the orchard. I placed an MMG team in the upper floor of the Hotel and an infantry squad in the ruined church next to it.


Sadly the Hotel is a solid building and so the MMG team was balanced on the top. Oddly it only came off once during the game.

The first turn went quite quickly as Palmer’s infantry was hidden and the rest of his forces came on starting on turn 2. I had a Panzerschrek team, the leIG18, the StuG and a small veteran SMG team that moved into positions during the turn. Since I had no chance of hitting Palmer’s troops I didn’t bother.


Palmer brought on his Greyhound on turn two and I was able to take it out with a Panzerfaust. It took some shots at my StuG without any effect other than a Pin Marker but that was its only impact. The Greyhound has been a thorn in my side ever since Palmer started bringing it and it was satisfying to see it go up in smoke. It also meant that he was without a fairly significant amount of supporting fire.


The Sherman was deployed on the far end of the table on the other side of his infantry in the farm house. It spent two turns pumping shells into some of my infantry but due to the range and cover it had little effect. I manage to run my Panzerschrek team over and take it out as well.


Palmer had some rough luck in this game. His aircraft missed coming out for two turns which mean that with the lack of armour and vehicle support he was left with little to knock out my StuG with and no support weapons to try to pin my troops down. He also managed to miss some rally orders and some reserve orders. His dice didn’t fail him the way mine have in some games but it was enough to have an impact.

My artillery observer actually managed to survive long enough to call in an artillery strike as well. Palmer moved his infantry from the nexus of fire but was close enough that he was peppered with Pin Markers. Between those and some applied by the StuG the squad was badly pinned and I took the opportunity to assault them with the StuG. Missing his NCO from a sniper attack and with 5 Pin Markers, Palmer rather obviously failed the Morale test and the unit fled.


We stopped the game near the end of turn 5. Palmer had no infantry left and I had lost a total of four models the entire game. It was a total reversal of our usual games.

We got to explore a few new sections of the game this time. There was a lot of use of the vehicle damage tables as I shot a Sherman, a Greyhound and his M3. The M3 managed to survive two hits from the leIG18 prior to getting taken out by the StuG.

The 1000pt game was the largest we’ve done but it was brought to a conclusion in less than three hours and that was with a few interruptions to chat about the game and the Escalation League we are planning. We had 20 order dice, five vehicles and a fair amount of infantry but it never seemed bogged down and the game rather very smoothly.