Dynamix Ironmen v. Nightvale Gnats

Chris came over on Saturday and we finished our Round 7 game for the local Dreadball League Preseason. I didn’t take my turn by turn notes for this game so the details are a bit sparse.

Both Chris and I were without a win prior to this game and were both dwelling at the bottom of the table for the League. Chris’ team was ahead of me in the standings thanks to a draw he got earlier in the preseason. Despite my lack of wins, I have one of the higher ranked teams in the league in terms of Team Value since I keep killing my opponents but not really scoring too much.

Unlike my previous games I wasn’t able to do much more than put one of his players away for a three turn injury. Having “Can’t Feel a Thing” on all his players made it a lot easier for him to avoid injury. The game started out with me gaining possession and trading it back and forth with Chris until his second to last Rush when he scored a four point Strike.

Despite my rather horrible luck in past games I managed to put myself into a position to score by dashing into his four point Strike hex using a card to increase my Dash dice by one. Wouldn’t you know it that Chris had a card that increased my Dash target by one and as a result I failed the Dash and any hope of taking the game into added time.