Another disgusting hobby habit

Well I finally figured out the secret to working with green stuff. Apparently the simplest thing to do is keep your tool “slick” by putting water on it or, as you would expect with painters, licking it.

Is it possible to have a hobby that doesn’t involve licking or putting tools in your mouth? ;-)



  1. I prefer not to lick my sculpting tools so instead I use vaseline on the back of my hand. As I sculpt I just wipe the tool across my hand. When it is dry just take a q-tip cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol over the sculpted area to make sure it removes any vaseline.

    1. and just to keep your mind in the gutter. I prefer ProCreate…over Kneadatite that is. ProCreate holds a better edge than Kneadatite. Sometimes I mix the 2 together. One last tip which you probably know, store your epoxy putty in your freezer and just chop off what amount you need at the time. It only takes about 15 minutes to thaw out the chopped off piece. That will keep the putty “fresh” for a very very long time. I have had some in my freezer for around 5 years and it just like it was on the day I bought it.

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