Lyrans v.Kzintis

Its been some time since I was able to get a game of any type in so I was happy that Stad was able to come over and have a game of Federation Commander. Its been some time since Stad has played and I have only had a few games in recently so we were both a little slow with our decisions and play. We had a 300 point game and I played Lyrans to Stad’s Kzinti. I ran a Heavy Cruiser, Destroyer and Frigate while Stad had a Medium Cruiser and two Frigates. His force was able to generate, as you would expect, an enormous number of drones while I had four ESGs spread over the three vessels. My immediate idea was to use the cruiser to cover the two smaller vessels and use its additional ESG to take out drones. That worked for the first two turns but once my formation broke after my initial attack run my smaller craft were overcome.

My main plan of attack was to drift off to Stad’s flank and focus fire on one of his two frigates to take it out and then focus on the cruiser. That is how the game started out but even with a fairly severe pounding from all of my vessels, Stad’s frigate was still left with three of its drone racks. So when I turned in to attack the cruiser, I was getting targeted with almost a full spread of drones. It took its toll as my destroyer and the frigate were destroyed by drone fire. Stad wasn’t able to shake my cruiser though and it was able to slip in and unleash two rather large volleys of fire which effectively gutted it.

Stad played a fairly good game and was, I think, clever in not focusing his drones on my cruiser but instead using them to overwhelm the since ESG of the destroyer and frigate. Once those were gone he could have focused his fire on my cruiser. Sadly he was out of drones by that point and my cruiser was almost entirely unscathed. We had run out of time though and I think that if I had a turn or two left I would have been able to finish off both of the frigates.

It was a fun game and I am finally getting the hang of the impulse system and able to get through it quicker as well as start to figure out how to manage planning my movement, acceleration and deceleration to make the most of firing opportunities.

I picked up the Distant Kingdoms expansion for the game as I really do love the Hydrans and Lyrans. I thought that Stad mentioned that he preferred the Kzinti, it appears that this isn’t the case, so I thought that the Lyrans would make an excellent opponent for them and also avoid the drone on drone drone that Kzinti v. Klingon games can often be. It also appears that Stad is as enthusiastic about the game as I am so I will be looking to invest in some of the Booster packs to add some more vessels to the game.