Rivet Wars Mega Battle

Aircraft Ho!

Today was the Rivet Wars Mega Battle at Sentry Box. I recently got my Wave 2 shipment from CMoN and decided to use it as an opportunity to try out all the new units and also put on a big battle to show off all the new units.

There wasn’t any real scenario involved. I just put down as many of the tiles as I could and then dropped down some objective and other terrain. Despite having the extra tile set I could have easily used another three tiles to add even more terrain. I placed a Zuzzy rubber terrain mat on the table, which was happily just wide enough for three tiles, to keep them in place during the game and it worked wonderfully. I had two sets of cards so each team had their own Action and Secret Mission cards.

Moving from using the base game to using everything was quite a jump. There are a lot of new units, new heroes and air units and given that many of the heroes are plugs this meant that there were a lot of possible combinations available. It is a wonderful problem to have mind you but I suspect that a few more games will allow me to figure out some of the more powerful combinations and best uses for some of the new units.

We had two people playing each faction and I took the Allies with another fellow whose name sadly escapes me. Scott and Logan took the Blight and went first. One of their first moves was to bring out the Gryphon’s Hammer and then equip it with General Romler and the MG Anti Air plugs. The Hammer remained on the table for the entire game and it was a considerable presence throughout. It wasn’t a destabilizing influence but it certainly made its presence felt.

The Allies headed out to an early, seemingly insurmountable, lead by grabbing one of the central objectives and using a few early Secret Missions. That lead didn’t last though and the Blight team crashed through the infantry we had and then took out a line of mortars we had positioned to threaten the objectives.

During the game we had tanks, walkers, infantry and aircraft all over the board and it really was a great time. This is how Rivet Wars is meant to be played. The air units were a bit more difficult to use than I thought they would be and not as powerful. The super heavy tanks were awesome and the new Blight and Allied walkers were also fun.

In the end the Blight team was able to get to the 20 VP mark first and did it primarily through destroying units and Secret Missions. The objectives were important but I think that the Allied team failed by concentrating on them instead of trying to maximize out VPs by other means.

The game went one for about four hours but it was a great time and never seemed to drag at all. Can’t wait to do this sort of battle again.