A pun involving Noh

I did a trade on Bartertown recently for some miniatures and my part of the deal was a set of Noh miniatures for Relic Knights. When I picked up my initial figures from Dallas I really wanted the Noh set he had but he also had an eye on them so I went wanting. Happily I found what appears to be a Kickstarter set on Bartertown and the mailman dropped it yesterday.

Noh room left on the table

The package consists of

  • Noh Faction Starter Set
  • Beastmaster
  • Hounds of Nozuki
  • Serpent Priestess
  • Kasaro To
  • Marikan To
  • Darkspace Rin Farrah
  • Render
  • Hyojin Berzerkers

And I also now finally have a boost pack. No Mamaro To oddly enough but I have more than enough to assemble and paint so I doubt I’ll miss him.


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