Sentinels of the Multiverse

This week was the start of the Multiverse Week promotion from Greater Than Games. For three weekends in January they are providing promos for stores to give out for people playing Sentinels of the Multiverse, Galactic Strike Force and Sentinel Tactics.

I have been playing Sentinels of the Multiverse on my iPad for some time and been having a heck of a time with it so I was happy to be able to try the game out in person. The Sentry Box ran events on Saturday and Sunday and while I wasn’t able to play on Saturday (I was running a Dicemasters event) I did get a chance to play today and it was a blast.

The physical game has a vast number of additional heroes, villains and environments and so the card game provides a lot of additional options to modify and change the game. As much as I like the digital version, it pales in comparison to just how entertaining the card game is. And the game also has a lot more co-operative play than a lot of co-op games I have played. Everyone involved is working to create situations that best use each hero’s powers and also allow you to create beneficial situations to mitigate damage from the villains, minions and environments.

In the second game I played I was using a team of lesser heroes called The Sentinels fighting with Legacy and Bunker to take down Voss in the Temple of Anubis. The team played unlike any of the other heroes I had encountered before and the Temple of Anubis environment provided an additional unique twist to the game meaning that even though two of the heroes and the villain were from the base set of the game, that it was utterly unlike any game of SoTM I had previously.

We also used the Sentinels Sidekick app app in the second game which let us track damage and other effects in the game on the iPad. An awesome addition to the game.

If you like super-hero games or co-op games I really can’t recommend this highly enough.


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  1. I picked up the original core set way back, I don’t even think GtG had a Canadian distributor yet. We’ve played the heck out of it and Rook City. I picked up everything through Vengeance (which I didn’t like very much). I haven’t had a chance to try Galactic Strike Force.

    I do recommend Sentinel Tactics. As much as I like the card game, I feel the minis game is less fiddly and more ‘heroic’ feeling.

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