Dust Tactics Game Day

A few of us got together at The Sentry Box on Sunday to play some games of Dust Tactics using the Battlefield rules. Kellen, and Danny brought out their Axis, Bryan and Brett brought their SSU and I had my Allied troops. We played a series of 100pt games rolling for random scenarios from the rulebook.

Bryan’s SSU force was from the Dust Models Premium range and the level of painting on them was incredible. I’ve not seen them before and the level of weathering and quality of the painting was far above what I thought the products would have. I also got a chance to see the Axis Prinzluther and its variants. They look better in person than on the box and really makes me want to get an Axis army.

I managed to get two games in against Kellan and his Axis force. The first game ended quickly with Kellan getting an objective marker in his first turn to win the game. The second game went quite differently as I was able to take out several of his vehicles using my Hammers and Rhino. The Rocket Punch that the units have is insane and can easily cripple vehicles. Sadly the models themselves are easy to kill :-)

It was my first experience with the system and I had a lot of fun. The system uses alternating activation which is, my my opinion,probably the best way to play a game short of a fantasy mass combat game. The main system also uses a series of easy to remember rules with a minimum of chrome. The morale system is based on enemy fire and has a modest but often critical impact.

The system was really easy to learn and, like Warmachine, all the stats and abilities of a model or unit are on their card and so you don’t really have to remember a lot of abilities or statistics adding to the speed of play. The game doesn’t provide a lot of complexity and so if you’re looking for a detailed system this isn’t for you but it does provide an over-the-top experience that seems fitting for the Weird WWII setting.