Imperial Assault tournament

Today was the first Imperial Assault tournament at The Sentry Box. For some odd reason, perhaps due to the timing of the release for the game, we have a tournament kit out at about the same time as the Regionals kit. Even more perplexing, we have two Imperial Assault Regional events here in Calgary. Sadly I can’t make the first one at Imaginary Wars but I will be able to make the one hosted at The Sentry Box.

Game 3

We had five total players for the event which I thought was a bit low considering the popularity of the game. There were a total of six people signed up but I suspect that the weather today helped keep at least one player away.

I hadn’t played an Imperial Assault skirmish match prior to the event today so I took what I figured was a safe, non-Vader list for the Empire that consisted of

  • Royal Guards
  • Royal Guard Champion
  • Elite Stormtroopers
  • Stormtroopers
  • Imperial Officer

My intention was to split the force into two teams, and then have each team pursue an objective and take out enough enemy units to push me over the 40pt limit for a win. Both games had me using the Mos Eisley Outskirts map and playing the same “scavage the contraband” scenario. I took the first bye in the event so that the other players could get games in right away.

The first game against Mike went pretty much according to plan. Mike was fielding

  • Luke Skywalker
  • Gideon Argus
  • Fenn Signis
  • Elite Rebel Trooper
  • Elite Rebel Trooper

I managed to get two of the objectives and started to move them back to my deployment area. Sadly I put them with Stormtroopers so moving them was glacially slow. The Royal Guard and Royal Guard Champion managed to cleave their way through a handful of Rebel Troopers and Fenn Signis. I won the game primarily though enemy casualties as I only managed to get one objective back to my deployment area.

Mike did a pretty good job of using Gideon Argus to move a Rebel Trooper over to pick up an objective and then run him back for the points. His luck ran against him though as I had really good attack dice and Royal Guard Champion was able to take out Fenn and Luke.

My second game was against Kyle fielding a Darth Vader list.

  • Darth Vader
  • Imperial Officer
  • Imperial Officer
  • Imperial Officer
  • Royal Guard
  • Royal Guard

As much of a beat stick the Royal Guard Champion was in my game, he paled in comparison to Darth Vader. Both of the models have Brutality but with the addition of Force Choke, Vader could take out three models a turn. And with his Lord of the Sith card he can convert those into more action meaning that he could easily have a turn that consists of five actions.

That said, Vader spent most of the game wasting his attack action against my Royal Guard Champion who rolled a dodge three attacks in a row. Kyle was not happy. When not attacking my Champion he was a murder machine. Kyle used his numerous Imperial Officers to zoom his Royal Guard’s and Sith Murder Machines™ along towards the objectives. He tied me up in one objective and we took turns killing to model carrying it but he as eventually able to use an Officer conveyor belt to shuttle one back to his deployment area. A second objective and some destroyed models and Kyle easily wrapped the game up.

Thanks to Mike pulling off a last minute win via a Celebration command card I was actually able to clinch second place. Bill and I tied on points by my Strength of Schedule was better giving me the win.

Next week is the Star Wars Armada event and so I will be preparing for that this week.