Star Wars Armada event report

Today was the first Star Wars Armada event at The Sentry Box and five intrepid souls, plus myself, made it out to the store to fight for glory and variant art cards. I suspect that we may have had a higher turnout if not for the fact that Imaginary Wars had a Imperial Assault Regional event.

I played a variant on the last Imperial list that I tried :

Flagship: (132 pts)

Victory II-Class Star Destroyer (85 pts)

  • Admiral Screed (26 pts)
  • XX-9 Turbolasers (5 pts)
  • Ion Cannon Batteries (5 pts)
  • Defense Liaison (3 pts)
  • Warlord (8 pts)

Fleet Ship 1: (93 pts)

Gladiator II-Class Star Destroyer (62 pts)

  • Expanded Launchers (13 pts)
  • Weapons Liaison (3 pts)
  • Demolisher (10 pts)
  • Sensor Team (5 pts)

Squadrons (72 of 99 pts):

  • 4x Tie Fighter Squadron (32 pts)
  • 1x Sontir Fel Tie Interceptor Squadron (18 pts)
  • 2x Tie Interceptor Squadron (22 pts)

I replaced Tarkin with Screed but ultimately I think Tarkin is a better option. Screed worked well for one of my Imperial opponents who managed to not roll hits with his black dice but I spent a lot of time either not wanting to remove a dice or not needing to remove a dice. So the idea of using Screed to trigger Critical effects in the Ion Cannon Batteries or XX-9 Turbolasers wasn’t really effective. Tarkin seems a no-brainer especially with a card like Weapons Liaison or Defense Liaison but I might have just not been using Screed as effectively.

The Gladiator II was as deadly with the Demolisher title as it was previously and the Expanded Launchers made it an utter beast when it got a front shot at short range. The ship is a beast at close range and being able to move and then fire once is an enormous benefit in the game.

I once again avoided using Bombers. I haven’t really figured out the best way to use squadrons in general and currently I’m finding it a lot more effective to use Fighters to engage and take out Rebel bombers. Especially since they have so high a damage rating. You really need to throw as many dice as possible at them and use Swarm to get rerolls.

We had four Imperial fleets and two Rebel fleets which happily worked out to only one mirror match a round. My first game was against Ryan, the eventual winner (spoiler alert), with his Rebel fleet consisting of a Nebulon, Corvette and Assault Frigate. Using Dodoona’s Pride, General Dodoona and Luke Skywalker he was able to take out my Gladiator without ever taking a shield down. Skywalker ignores shields and he was able to get successive blue critical dice to trigger Dodoona’s Pride and then custom pick his criticals.

Game 1

Surprisingly my squadrons worked very well and even though I lost both vessels, I had all my squadrons left at the end of the game and I destroyed Ryan’s squadrons. If only the rest of my fleet did as well. Ryan had Luke, Dutch and Wedge and those three made up the majority of the points I picked up in the game. Even with them though, Ryan got a convincing 10-0 win.

Painted Rebels

My second game was against Bryan and his Rebels. He had an Assault Frigate, Nebulon and a group of very well painted squadrons. They looked excellent and really made his fleet look exceptional. Bryan didn’t have a lot of previous experience with the game and I think that this was his first set of games. The game started out well for Brian as he ripped through my squadrons. Almost every time he rolled to attack he did three damage and my Tie and Tie Interceptors were dropping like bottle flies in a bug zapper.

Game 2

We were playing the Hyperspace Assault objective and Bryan had kept his Nebulon in reserve. He brought it in on turn three and it was able to start firing and sending B-Wings against the rear arc of my Victory.

Hyperspace Assault!

Meanwhile my Gladiator was able to turn in to his Assault Frigate and bring the full force of the front arc of fire, with the Expanded Launchers, to all but destroy it.

Last turn for the Assault Frigate

The next turn Bryan had to choose between ramming his Nebulon with the Assault Frigate or turning it to the side and blocking fire on the Nebulon. He chose the collision course and the Assault Frigate was destroyed. I took put the Nebulon out the next turn and had a 9-1 victory.

The final game was against Cory and his three vessel Gladiator I fleet.

Game three

Cory was using Screed, the Demolisher and the Insidious. He also had Howlrunner and a huge wing of Ties. We played the Outpost scenario (which I think Cory also played in round two) and he was able to quickly sprint out in front of me and get two victory point tokens before I was able to get to the Outpost.

Claiming the Outpost

I wasn’t helped by my initial deployment and absolute inability to not ram my Victory into the back of the Gladiator. Once is poor planning. Twice is idiocy.

Evasive Manoeuvres!

Cory made much better use of Screed than I did and the Insidious did an absolute number on my Victory with his medium range shots at the rear of my vessel with his black dice. I tried something similar in a previous game but wasn’t able to pull it off against the Rebels. Needless to say it is a lot easier when going up against the slow moving brick that is a Victory.

My squadrons did well again this game but the early, self-inflicted, damage I took meant my Gladiator went down quickly and the Insidious took out my Victory soon after giving Cory an 8-2 victory.

Luckily for me I was able to make it into fourth based on my Margin of Victory points. IN my last game I took out Cory’s Demolisher and Bryan, in his game against Nick, save his Assault Frigate from destruction and kept Nick from overtaking me on points. A marginal way to get into fourth place but I’ll take it :-)