A update of sorts

So it has been quite a bit of time since my last blog post so I thought that I would post some form of update to attempt to kickstart my blog again.

There has been a lot going on as of late so its not that I haven’t had anything to post about only that I got out of the habit of blogging. So, in no particular order, here are some of the things that I have been doing in regards to gaming.


After several aborted attempts, I have managed to find someone to have some casual games of X-Wing with who is also at my rather low level of skill. Palmer and I have been meeting up at my place on alternating Fridays for a game of X-Wing and this week’s game not only was also free from inadvertent collisions but also quite exciting. The game went down to the final two turns where Palmer was not able to overwhelm my TIE Defender (which only had a single Hull point left) which then managed to not get trapped by a B-wing and used its secondary weapons to destroy Poe Dameron in his T-70. Palmer could have easily won the game a turn earlier so my victory was a great example of pulling victory from the jaws of defeat.

LCGs and ECGs

I have managed to get my schedule at work changed so I now have Thursday evening free. This means that I am finally able to go down to The Sentry Box for the scheduled Living Card Game evening and play Doomtown and Warhammer 40K Conquest. Despite my rather poor ability to make effective decks, I really do enjoy playing card games and so this has been a bit of a highpoint in my recent gaming. Prior to this, my only real opportunity to play card games was at events I was running for the store. Given that I was the TO for these events it also meant that I typically only played if there was an odd number of participants and so the number of Doomtown and Conquest games I have played to date has been barely above a handful.

So this Thursday I not only played Doomtown but also managed to get in two games of Conquest (one against über-gamer Kevin Hayes).

Mindjammer and Fate

The other new addition to my gaming life has been the Mindjammer and Fate RPGs. Mindjammer is a transhuman space opera that is based on the Fate RPG that is also currently using Kickstarter to raise funds for new adventures and sourcebooks. It is a very well developed setting and uses Fate’s Aspect system to create a compelling story-driven RPG.

I have always been a fan of RPGs but not necessarily interested in playing them and recently began a bit of a reading tour of various systems. The one that has really caught my eye has been the Fate system from Evil Hat Productions. The game focuses on story-driven characters and adventures but still provides a solid framework for players and GMs to allow them to quickly keep the story moving.

Mindjammer takes that system and adds a few tweaks to the rules to support a very wide range of sci-fi driven game types. Sarah Newton, the primary author, seems to have a development ethos, best evidenced in the Hearts and Minds adventure, that focuses on creating a scenario that can be explored and solved using various game styles.

I am currently reading the Fate Core rules to get the experience necessary to run the Three Rocketeers adventure setting. The idea being to get some experience with the Fate Core rules (and GMing) and then transition into Mindjammer.

Going forward

So that is a quick overview of what I have been doing lately. I am going to endeavour to post more and also use the blog as a way to brainstorm ideas for the Three Rocketeers and Mindjammer games as I develop them.