Basing Normans

I have been curious about the Saga historical skirmish game for some time. It is written by Studio Tomahawk, the makers of Muskets & Tomahawks, but published, and largely supported, by Gripping Beast Miniatures. Sadly (or perhaps happily for my wallet) I didn’t know anyone in the city that played it so I refrained from picking the game up. Some time ago Palmer asked me about the game and before I knew it I had a 4 pt Norman Warband on order.

The Warband contains nine mounted miniatures, eight crossbowmen and a left unit of 12 archers. All of the figures are metal so the entire package, while small, weighs a heck of a lot. The miniatures are a throwback in a lot of ways. They are metal, they are less detailed than most current figures and the casting quality, while not bad by any means, is lower than what one expects from most non-historical figures.

I assembled them some time ago but hadn’t been able to sand the bases (prior to priming) because my white glue went missing while being used by the twins for a project. They found it recently and I was able to finally add some sand to the bases and get one step closer to applying paint to them.

Sandy Normans

The current plan is to paint the levy first. They are going to be the longest and possibly most tedious part of the project so its best to get them out of the way and then paint the Warriors with crossbows and then the cavalry.

Hopefully the weather will hold and I will be able to prime them tomorrow. I am going to use one of the khaki or tan primer colours I have and then use that as a base coat for some of the padded armour that the levy and Warriors wear. I am always on the lookout for a shortcut.