Song of Blades and Heroes games day #2

Today was the second of our Song of Blades and Heroes games days at The Sentry Box as part of our Skirmish Game Group. After last week’s games I took some time to tweak my Chaos Dwarf warband. I made my Hobgoblin Archers better shots by giving the Good Shot as well as Shooter: Long. I also gave my Chaos Dwarves the Short Move ability as that seemed more in keeping with the models. I increased the Combat stat of my Leader and my Ogre to give them an advantage in combat and also made my Ogre Savage and Dashing.

My first game was against Joe’s Halflings. His force was largely unchanged from last week (five archers, two Dwarf Warriors and the Dwarf Mage) except that his two Dwarf Warriors had the Giant Slayer ability. We set up some terrain and rolled the Treasure Hunt scenario. This was a fair game given that both my troops and his had Short movement. I split off two of my Chaos Dwarves to check out the rightmost treasure token while Joe was able to quickly move up the middle and test the most central of the three. His Dwarf Warrior found nothing and so that left the two tokens at the edges of the table.

I was hoping to try to arrange a ‘charge’ with my Dashing Ogre but it never quite worked out. I did move my Hobgoblin Archers up to start to attack Joe’s Halfing Archers and I scored a few casualties. Sadly my luck failed when my Ogre ran into attack the Dwarf Warrior that was guarding Joe’s Mage. I whiffed on my Combat roll and even with a +1 net modifier I was knocked down. Joe slew my Ogre the next turn but happily for me it turned out the the treasure was on the token that my two Chaos Dwarves were chasing down. Less happily, without my Leader the two figures consistently failed 3+ Quality checks and while I was able to get the treasure, they were really unable to make any progress moving it.

With my Ogre down I tried to move my Leader and the rest of my Warband out of the way to avoid losing VPs to Joe. This was complicated by Joe finally managing to succeed in transfixing my Leader who was then shot down my a Halfling. Oh the ignominy! Without my Leader the rest of my troops fled and Joe took out another Hobgoblin to push me below half strength which triggered another Morale check and two more troops fled the field. Joe moved his warband down to surround my last remaining Chaos Dwarf who, true to form, couldn’t make an activation roll and was cut down.

The second game was against Sacha and her Wood Elf force. we played a 400pt game which allowed me to take four Hobgoblin Warriors and an additional Chaos Dwarf. She had three Archers with Good Shot and Unerring Aim. Her Leader also had the same abilities. She also had a Sword Master with Dashing and a Treant that had a frightening Combat 5. We rolled Treasure Hunt again and the game went quickly and, IIRC, without any casualties. Sacha moved almost her entire force towards one treasure token which turned out to be the correct one. I spread out and managed to fail a number of Activation Rolls with my Leader (of all things) which left me spread across the table and unable to focus on her forces. Her ranged attacks were mostly ineffective due to some very good rolls on my part, but once she got the treasure I was unable to get in contact with her and the game was done.

My 400pt Warband was a bit of a disaster. Once the Hobgoblins got out of reach of my Leader they were wildly ineffective. I think that troops like that require a Warband with multiple Leaders to allow them to spread their bonus across a larger number of models. Maybe a specific Hobgoblin leader? My 300pt Warband worked well with the exception of the Ogre. Once again the poor thing got hacked down and I need to look into what I can do to make sure that he survives. One thing I am going to look at is adding a Mage so I can Transfix enemy models to try to cut them down with the Ogre. It certainly worked on my Leader with game :-)

Next week I am hoping to bring out my Goblin Warband so I will have to hit the painting tables and get the final touches done on them. I will also try to see if I can build a 400pt Warband with two Leaders in it to ensure that there is always someone to buff my Activation rolls.