Imperial Skies

As a prime example of why Facebook really fails at its core task, I present to you the Imperial Skies games. It is a joint project between Robin Fitton, who wrote the Grunts 15mm rules, and Brigade Models who have been producing 2mm scale Aeronef VSF vessels for some time.

Despite the fact that I know several of the backers and several people that are fans of the page for the game and Brigade Models I didn’t get any indication via Facebook that this game exists and I only stumbled across it after reading a post on the wonderful Tabletop Fix blog (which is probably the best tabletop miniature news site around now). Facebook 0 TTF 1.

I really love Aeronefs (even if I can’t paint them well) and I had several large fleets that never survived the grand purge that I made of my hobby collection when we moved to Calgary. I’ve looked at Brigade’s range of models from time to time but while I love the figures I have always been a bit lukewarm about the Aeronef rules. They always seemed a bit simple (well done mind you as Wessex Games produce good games) and Robin’s new take on the genre seems to have enough added material to give the vessels the feel they need.

I have to say that my opinion of the Aeronef rules would probably be much different now if I reread them as I have been getting into more streamlined rulesets as of late. So I will be starting a small fund to pick up two fleets and hopefully get them ready for the projected release of the rules in April.