Cephalyx for In Her Majesty’s Name

I have a quirky fondness for Privateer Press’ Cephalyx miniatures. They are entirely creepy but also have a wonderful background to them. I really don’t have any interest in playing Warmachine any more but with the Skirmish Club starting to play In Her Majesty’s Name I thought it might be fun to build a company based on the Cephalyx models. It also helps that I was able to pick up the Waraster Exulon Thexus and several of the Cephalyx Agitators for a very good price.

Here are the current stats I have.

The Hive Master is the Exulon Thexus miniature and the Warriors Drones are the Agitators. The Drones are the Drudge figures while the Flock Master is the Mind Bender. Those are just placeholder names while I write out the background for the company.

The Hive Master will be a close combat beast but will also use Mesmerism to turn my opponent’s low Pluck models against them. Resonant Touch with Duelist and the high FV should meant that the Hive Master can work his way though most models if it can get into CC. The Drones will be used to tie up figures, aided by the Flock Master using Harden, until the Warrior Drones can get in to attack them.

No idea how this will work but I have the models assembled and I will be trying them out on Sunday. I have two painted Companies but I am going to start a new one… for reasons that escape me :-)