Monopoly is a bastard

The twins have taken a fondness to Monopoly and I am not sure why. We just finished a game of it, to completion, and it is a brutal game. There is no consolation prize in Monopoly. You either win or someone guts you like a carp and scoops out your organs. One of the twins was an early victim after landing on Tennessee Avenue twice with a Hotel on it. She didn’t have a lot of property or cash and the second hotel bill of $950 wiped her out. The second twin stayed in the game longer but was also wiped out by pulling a “Go to Boardwalk” card only to get an even more stupendous hotel bill of $2000. She couldn’t cover the tab and was kicked from the game destitute as well.

There is no second place. There is no close game. You either triumph or you get reduced to poverty. And it is this binary game state that makes it a horrible game in general but particularly for young kids. I don’t like playing it and I have a better emotional toolset to deal with the viscous curb-stomping the game can deliver.

And yet my kids want to play it again.