In Her Majesty’s Name Week 1

Today was the first game day for The Sentry Box Skirmish Club’s six-week run of In Her Majesty’s Name. The crowd was a bit smaller today due to it being Easter Sunday and so there was only myself, Keith, Joe and Tom. Despite having two painted Companies I decided to use my IHMN Cephalyx. Keith had a company of Mongol horsemen accompanied by dogs and Yetis. Joe had a Japanese military force that was joined by a mystic female figure with Heartrending and Zone of Shadows and Tom had a small force of Ninjas built using some Malifaux figures. Sadly I didn’t get a chance to talk to Tom, as he had to run off after his first game, so I didn’t get more details of his force.

Prior to everyone showing up I built two tables with the terrain we had at the shop. I had one small area of hills and woods and a second rocky valley with a baroque house, fences, boxes and some rocky outcroppings. We need to build some more appropriate terrain for VSF adventures as the store doesn’t really have a lot of buildings form the period.

Tom and Keith fought their first game on the woods and hills table. He had horsemen and I figured he wouldn’t want to deal with fences. Joe and I set up on the rocky valley table. For our first games I figured it would be easier to just head out and battle it out without the complications of a scenario. My force had very little shooting and Joe’s Japanese force had almost nothing other than shooting. I tried to run in my Drones to try to tie up his soldiers. Sadly in the third turn I had three Drones that ended up about half an inch away from Joe’s Japanese soldiers. My “blaster” Drone made it up to the top of the building but at that point almost everyone was engaged in combat and so he had nothing to shoot at.

Joe’s force was inadvertently perfectly built to counter mine. His soldiers were Fanatics, his Leader was Fearless and his Bayonet Drill using soldiers had a high enough total fighting value that they were able to hit my higher armoured models with ease. The game wasn’t helped by me forgetting that the Flock Master also had an Arc Rifle and could have taken a few shots with in the first few turns. It also didn’t help that I basically forgot my game plan and didn’t use my Drones to pin down models for the Warrior Drone to finish off. Joe took out my Drones and then ganged up on my Hive Master and took it out with a flurry of blows.

I didn’t check out Keith and Tom’s first game but I did manage to take a few photos. I believe that Keith won but I am unsure of the final result. With Tom gone, I sat out while Keith and Joe played the Bring Him back Alive scenario on the rocky-hills table. I thought that Keith would have used his cavalry to form a wall around the objective model and then sneak in with his Yetis. I don’t think he was able to do that with Joe’s forces sprinting through the woods. He set up a small firing line with two of his soldiers and then threw the rest of them at the objective model.

Things looked good for Keith as he was able to take out Joe’s Mystic and a soldier and get control of the objective. He then took out Joe’s Leader but even with that Joe’s soldiers starting cutting down the horsemen and Yeti like wheat. Joe cleaned out Keith’s Company to win the game.

My Hive Company needs some more work as it doesn’t have much to apply Pluck modifiers to enemy models. Joe’s force was really well done with a large number of elite models that were very difficult to take out. I didn’t get a chance to fight Keith’s force but the horsemen look as if they would be quite a bit of trouble to deal with.

My next task is to rework my Company and then to make some scenario and complications cards to help make it easier to play scenarios.


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