A new Galley & Galleons fantasy battle

Dan came over today and we had another game of the beta version of the fantasy expansion for Galleys & Galleons. I was using a slightly modified version of my earlier fleet and also brought along a Necromancer in his own galley. I had some free time this week so I was able to get them all painted.

Flagship 76 Quality: 3 Combat: 3
Bilious Cloud,Flagship,Galley,Sluggish,Veteran NCOs

Necromancer’s Galley 62 Quality: 3 Combat: 2
Galley,Magic User: Necromancer, Shallow Draft, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Zombies

Banshee Cruiser 48 Quality: 3 Combat: 3
Galley, Indirect Fire, Shallow Draft, Master Gunner

Banshee Cruiser 48 Quality: 3 Combat: 3
Galley, Indirect Fire – Bow Guns, Shallow Draft, Master Gunner

Smasher Cruiser 42 Quality: 3 Combat: 3
Galley, Ramming, Shallow Draft, Unarmed, Veteran NCOs

Destroyer 60 Quality: 3 Combat: 4
Galley, Indirect Fire – Bow Guns, Master Gunner, Shallow Draft

Destroyer 60 Quality: 3 Combat: 4
Galley, Indirect Fire – Bow Guns, Master Gunner, Shallow Draft

There were a few problems wth the list that became immediately apparent. I tasked the Necromancer to follow the ramming cruiser but I failed to add Zombies to the cruiser so the Necromancer could heal them.I also should have given the Necromancer’s Galley the Unarmed ability. I could have pushed my Flagship up to Combat: 4 and I may try to give it Reinforced Hull next time. It took almost all its damage this game via collisions.

Dan was playing with a mixture of Ralgard Junks and Shroud Mage cruisers and frigates with Gun Turrets. His Flagship was a beast and so my plan was to tie it up with the ram crusier and then use the Necromancer to heal it. Oops. The first part worked but the second didn’t.

I split my fleet into two and kept most of my galleys close to my flagship to get the leadership benefit from it. The idea was that they would try to shoot the smaller of Dan’s fleet while my ram cruiser and Necromancer keep his flagship busy. Dan had his fleet in one large group but ran into problems early on with them having to move to avoid the shallows around a nearby island. In fact he had to break off his flagship almost immediately which made it easier for me to grapple it and slow it down. He did manage to make my ram cruiser and Necromancer’s Galley surrender from excess boarding damage but I was able to place two points of damage on it. At a considerable cost mind you but the most important thing was that I was able to keep the flagship out of the game for quite a few turns.

Dan broke off two of his smaller Junks and one of the Shroud Mage cruisers to attack my galleys and then brought the rest of his fleet in to try to rescue his flagship. I got a lucky Indirect Fire shot in that blew up one of his cruisers and then got even luckier when he rolled a 1 with a damaged dice and got a Garbled Communication result. I was able to ram his Junk into the rear of another Junk and damaged them both.

Dan got some bad luck getting his ships caught in shallows and then failing their Quality checks and damaging themselves. I got bad luck by turning over initiative three turns in a row leaving my fleet in place for quite some time. Luckily I had galleys so I didn’t drift out of position and I was able to move back into a good firing position once my dice started to be better to me.

After a few turns of lobbing Indirect shots at his flagship I finally took it out and Dan conceded at that point having only his Shroud Mage ships left to fight with.

I totally botched the build for my Necromancer so it wasn’t as effective as it could have been. I also need to focus my ram cruiser more on boarding actions so it is more effective after I ram and grapple an opponent. The Bilious Cloud weapon on my Flagship worked very well but I almost lost the flagship due to Dan’s propensity to collide his ships into it. Mind you, he had no choice with his smaller Junk as it was either collide with me of run off the table. A fate one of his other ships was unable to avoid.

Prior to the game I posted a message to Nic, the author, with some concerns about Indirect Fire in the game and I think our experience in this game bore those out. Dan lost a ship by losing, but not getting doubled, in a Combat roll and then getting an 11 for a critical hit and having his ship blow up. That was the first damage it took. I think that Indirect Fire is good enough with just doing normal damage but we may need to test that based on what Nic wants to do.

Dan’s turreted vessels were quite deadly and if he had been able to avoid the shallows they may have had more of an impact in the game. Once he got them free to navigate they started to pile on the damage.

I’m looking forward to another game, after tweaking the stats for these ships, and I am also beginning to paint my Uncharted Seas Orc fleet so we can start testing those models out as well.

We’re having quite a bit of fun with these rules and it is great to be able to get my Uncharted Seas minis out on the table and game with them again. If you’re interested in fantasy naval gaming you should give these rules a try once they are finalized and released.

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