In Her Majesty’s Name Week 3

Due to illness and work conflicts we didn’t get in any games last week but this week Joe, Keith and myself were joined by new player Greg for a few games. I had a ruined village table set up and we used it, with modifications, for several scenarios.

Joe had his Japanese Marine force but he removed his female mystic and added another sword wielding duelist and a machinegunner. Keith had his Mongol force again but changed it from Week 1 to add Terrifying to his Yeti and Fanatic to his dogs. He also gave the Yeti a custom weapon to give it more umph in close combat.

Joe and Keith played first and I set the table up for the Breakthrough scenario. Joe chose to defend which may not have been a great choice given that two of Keith’s force were mounted. Joe placed most of his his forces centrally with the machinegunner and one marine in the woods. Keith sent his two cavalry models down one flank and then Yeti and the dogs down the other. One of his cavalry models was shot down but the second managed to make it off the map. The dogs and Yeti were slowed down by charging Japanese soldiers who took down a dog and tied up the the Yeti in a lopsided combat. One of the dogs was able to disengage twice in a row and then flee off the table. That left too few points on the table for Joe to win.

After that I played Keith with my Institut pour la recherche et l’exploitation des technologies inconnues. I used a 250pt version of the full Company with just the Professeur, Helene, Homme de Fer, Corporal Blautard and three Chasseurs. The Professeur had an Arc Pistol, Homme de Fer had a Machine Gun and Steam Claw and the Corporal had an Arc Rifle. We played the Fort Nil Point scenario. The table was again repositioned to make the ruins central and to give Keith some more cover for his force. I decided to defend the building since I figured I could just shoot Keith’s force apart. One thing I keep forgetting is how quickly models can move in the game and so I really only got two turns of shooting before Keith’s troops were on me and in close combat.

I managed to take out the Yeti with rifle fire which I was glad for since I was worried about it getting into close combat. Keith didn’t really have any shooting so his only option was to try to move into close combat with me. I move the Professeur and Helene from out of the building into cover to try to use his Arc Pistol to take out one of the horsemen that was flanking my position. Homme de Fer moved to the other side of the building to try to deal with an advancing dog.

Keith kept running his troops around the building and engaging my models, requiring me to move other figures out to split off combats and avoid the outnumbering bonus. We traded blows for a few turns and I eventually got the weight of numbers on my side after Keith failed a Pluck roll with a horsemen and then with a dog. Once I piled in on his troops it was over.

The final game was Joe against Greg. Greg didn’t have a force built so he used my Company. They played the Marked for Death scenario since I wanted Greg to try out a scenario and wanted to make sure it was a simple one. Greg chose to keep the Professeur and Helene far from the action in some woods and then took the rest of the Company and positioned them so they could advance to the ruins and get cover while shooting at Joe’s Japanese. Joe also kept his Leader out of the main advance but still close enough that his troops could benefit from his Inspiring ability. Homme de Fer was taken down by Joe’s Duelist and a Marine. As tough as Homme de Fer is he needs support as its always easy to roll a 1 or 2 for a Pluck roll and go down. I may try to make him a Beserker and see if that helps his long term survivability.

The rest of the Chasseurs were swarmed by Joe’s Marines and Gary sent in Helene and then the Professeur to help but eventually it was the Professeur who was the last man standing and even though he put up a valiant defence he was cut down by Joe’s troops.

Next week we will be adding Complications to the scenarios and I hope to have a set of scenario and Complication cards ready to make it easier to quickly put a game together. We are also going to go to 300pts next week and I will be trying my updated Hive Mind list to see if the changes I made to it make it more effective.