Galley & Galleons: Dwarves v. Elves

Dan came over today and we got in another test game of the fantasy expansion for the Galleys & Galleons rules. Due to a rather nasty hardware failure Dan wasn’t able to put together a new list so he used an older list for his Elven ships. I used the list I posted previously and was quite interested in how the ships would work since I was using a series of new abilities from the rules.

I pulled out some of my old Man O’ War terrain to add a bit more diversity to the table. Dan lost the die-roll and I made him the defender. He got to pick the terrain and made a rather large island in the middle of the table which surprised me but did make for an interesting bit of sailing. We have primarily been playing using a game mat from Dreadfleet on my kitchen table but I need to invest in a full-sized mat for my downstairs table as the Uncharted Seas vessels we use are too large for the Dreadfleet mat if we use terrain.

My basic plan for the game was to drive into the channels between the islands and use my bow mounted Heavy Chaser guns to cause some damage to Dan’s vessels and then slip in between them and fire some cross-range broadsides. Dan made a dash to try and make for the channel closest to my ships. The wind worked in his favour and he was moving towards it quite quickly. The downside to Steam Engines is that the maximum speed is Medium whereas sail-driven vessels can make a Long move.

In response I manoeuvred by Assault Cruiser and Protector Cruiser across the channel with both ships threatening the area with their starboard broadsides. This was enough to make Dan do a quick about face and then move down the most northerly channel which I was heading for with the rest of my fleet. My flagship had failed an initial move and was slightly behind the Lancer Cruiser and Rocket Destroyer. The Rocket Destroyer turned into the channel and sent a few rounds of light fire towards Dan’s Elven catamarans. The Lancer reduced speed and moved across the channel and sent a broadside into a second catamaran.

Dan’s luck abandoned him at this point and he failed his initial activation roll and turned over the turn to me. A quick broadside and one of his catamarans was sunk and I then pushed the Rocket Destroyer between his two Cruisers and gave them both a broadside. His return fire first damaged and then sunk the Rocket Destroyer but my positioning forced him to move the Cruisers and his second catamaran forward. My Lancer was damaged and got a Rudder critical which made it ponderously slow to turn around. I then inherited Dan’s luck and did a quick turnover which he used to drop some more fire into me before colliding with my ships.

I used a full broadside from my flagship to sink a cruiser and then had my Protector Cruiser sail over the wreckage and attack Dan’s flagship. His second catamaran took a collision in the port side and was crippled. It rolled a 1 with a damage dice and got the Garbled Order result from the At Sea table and I elected to move it off the table. My Assault Cruiser used its Corvus to board the second Cruiser and take it over in a single round of combat. At that point Dan called the game as he was quite close to having his flagship sunk as well.

The Dwarves worked quite well and I was happy with how they worked. The Heavy Chaser guns worked well in the game and they made me have to think on several occasions about how I wanted to turn my ships and what sort of fire I wanted to direct at Dan’s ships. The Ironclad ability is expensive but very useful. When I finally remembered to use it :-) The Steam Engines are fun as well but they do make the entire fleet predictable but slower than vessels with sails. I liked the feel of the fleet. An expensive, ponderous fleet that has a lot of precise firepower. Very dwarfy.

We’ve been having a lot of fun with these rules and my next step is to finish the Dwarven Flagship and Bellows Airshop models and then finish the Orc fleet I have. Perhaps once those are done Dan and I can do a multi-player participation game and try to get some other folks playing the rules.