IHMN multiplayer scenario

Last Sunday the Skirmish Club at The Sentry Box ran a multiplayer scenario for In Her Majesty’s Name. The game was originally meant to be a 2v2 game with a group of Japanese soldiers and samurai attempting to defend a temple from being defiled by Western treasure hunters and their Mongol mercenary guards. Sadly both the Japanese players were not able to make it so I had to redo the scenario prior to set-up. Which was a shame as I had it set up so that each Company had an objective that would require them to betray their teammate. It would have been wonderfully madcap. We only had three players (I could have played but since I knew everyone’s objectives it wouldn’t be fair) so I reworked the scenario so it had three teams with differing objectives.

Keith showed up with his Mongols and his primary objective was to defeat the enemy leaders in hand-to-hand combat. His secondary objective was to steal any mystic objects that one of the other companies found. Greg showed up with his 40K based sharpshooter group. He was armed with a lot of Arc weapons and had at least one marksman. Greg was tasked with finding a chalice buried in one of the graves as well as searching all of the graves. Little did Greg know that there was a chance that none of the graves would contain the chalice he was looking for. Jeremy, a new player, was there with his Clockwork Cowboys. He had several western themed miniatures and two Automatons. Jeremy’s primary objective was to find a mystical sword in a tower and also to capture the Mongol leader who had burned down his favourite bar.

I had some random events to add to the game but the way that the turn structure works for IHMN made them a bit difficult to add in without a bit more planning on my part. I think that my next narrative scenario will have some triggered events built in to it. I also randomized the initiative each round but I also don’t think that had as big an impact as I thought it would.

We played through the game for a couple of hours. Jeremy was sadly pummelled by Keith’s Mongols and had his last two characters flee from the table. Keith attempted to take out Greg’s leader but Greg had created a rather substantial close combat beast and so it was far too difficult for him to do. Greg managed to search through two graves but didn’t manage to search through the third to see if the chalice was even there.

I think that the game was fun for everyone but I was rather unsatisfied with how it went off and I will endeavour to do some more work to ensure that the next narrative scenario we do has better balance and more interesting twists in it. I took a few photos of the game including the valiant battle to take down one of Jeremy’s robots.