On the painting table

So now that the Orc fleet is finished I have added some new models to the painting table. I have two new Orc vessels to paint, an Uncharted Seas giant, an Iron Dwarf Bellows airship as well as two units of Skorne infantry (Cetrati and Praetorian Swordsmen) that I am working on assembling. To that I will be adding the Iron Dwarf submarines that I appear to have forgotten to paint.

I need to paint up my Shroud Mage ships but before I do that I want to find some way of fitting them into the Galleys & Galleons fantasy rules and giving them a unique feel before I get painting them. The vessels are all very distinct looking and it would be a shame to not give them an interesting set of stats.

I am working on building some Skorne models before the release of the new rules since I rather enjoy building models (its weird really) and that will give me some time to get them ready for the release of the new starter sets and the Journeyman league. I won’t be painting them until the League starts but having them built and cleaned will save me some time.